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Welcome to color School...


For example i will use here User name "Khulna"

How do I go Private???
There are two ways to go private. One way is U can double click on the screen name to go private. Another way is write on main line ...
/msg user name hi
/msg khulna hi
If khulna answers your hi then private screen will pop up. If he is not in chat then u will get message "No such Nick: Khulna "

How do I talk from this room to another room???
If u want to talk from this school room to Canada or Bangladesh room, U must type on main line
/msg user name hi
Example :
/msg khulna hi
If he is not in chat line then u will get message in main line "No such nick: khulna"

How do I attention to someone???
Type on main line .......
/Wake User name
/wake khulna
It will make a sound like "uhh huu........" U can hear this sound if U type your nick name instead of khulna. If Your computer speaker is on, U will hear this sound otherwise not.

Just do it!!!
If u type Hi in main U will get like ....
Yourname> Hi
But if U type.......
/me hi
Then u will get like.....
Yourname hi
Now type on main line like this.......For fun.......
/me has join.
/me is laughting
/me is tinking have to leave
/me has left.

What is operator???
If you have @ sign before Your name then you are a room operator. Example: @khulna.
U can kick, send operator sign or take off operator sign.
To send operator sign to another. Type on main line...
/op user name
/op khulna
To take off operator sign, type on main line...
/deop khulna
To kick some one from this room, type in main room....
/kick user name
/kick khulna

How do I set topic ???
If u have @ sign before your name then U can set topic. To set topic you can type....
/topic I am the happiest person in the world
/topic wow cool......
/topic welcome to this chat room

How do I make color ???
You can't do color in private but U can do color in main line.
Press "Shift" key and "\" key U will get like "|" Now type on main line ....
|4 I love my life
Press "Enter" key. U will get main line like this...
I love my life
Now do it.........
|2 I love my life
|5 I love my life
|6 I love my life
|7 I love my life

|12,2 |12,8 I love my life
|12,2 |12,8 I love my life |12,2 |12,8
you can change Your number to get another color......
Have fun ):

Enjoy here and make your color world
Good luck

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